4-Ways-To-Wear: Tartan Skirt

Tartan skirt has been on trend lately, and I actually have this one old tartan skirt in my closet (my mom's, view similar here). Tartan was one of the easy-to-mix patterns, but it can be a little tricky sometimes. Below I show you my styling of tartan skirt.

1. With Sweatshirt
street style sweater
Grey printed sweatshirt: from Gogirl! magazine bonus, Socks: unbranded (similar here), Black chunky caged sandals: New Look
It's probably the most basic styling for tartan skirt. You can also use any kind of sweatshirt, but I prefer neutral colors. For a more preppy look, add collared shirt underneath the sweatshirt.

2. With Floral
street style tartan
Flower printed dress with lace and pearl collar: Forever 21, Blue cardigan: Zara (similar here), Black flats: New Look
I spotted some tartan dresses mixed with floral patterns, and it actually worked and adds a touch of feminine to tartan. Make sure to choose the right flower pattern for you tartan skirt, because the wrong pair make a 'too much' look. If you want to add outerwear like me, use neutral color that goes with one of your pattern's color and keep the shoes simple.

3. With Pastel
street style tartan
Mint lace dress: unbranded (similar here), Sneakers: Converse
Make a nice color blocking with pastel. Any pastel color can be used, but that depends on the pattern. You can also play with fabrics; I use lace here.

4. As a Cape
street style cape
Little black dress: unbranded (view similar here), Tartan skirt (wear as cape), Black caged chunky sandals: New Look
Okay, this probably won't work with some skirt, but if your skirt is button down like mine, it can make a really cool statement piece. Mix it with neutral colors if you want your "cape" to stand out, or you can mix it like ways 1,2, or 3.

Photos by: My self, using tripod.

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